Our Values

The Roots of Our Faith

We are part of a story that is bigger than ourselves. Our Christian faith and Scripture are not our own invention or something we can change at our will. They have been passed down to us through the ages by faithful men and women of God. Today, we are called to be faithful witnesses to what God has revealed as true to centuries of believers who have gone before us.

The Experience of the Holy Spirit

We actively invite God’s leading and presence in our lives, in obedience to the Scriptures’ teaching to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It is by the power of the Holy Spirit that we can achieve our godly purpose, and make lasting changes in our lives and everyday circumstances.

Worship with Excellence

Excellence honours God and inspires people, so we aim to give one hundred percent to everything we do, in our lives, workplace, relationships, morality, and service. Honouring God with every aspect of our lives is what the Bible means by ‘worship.’

All People

“Everybody matters.” God creates and values all people. As a church we remember God loves everyone regardless of gender, race, age, or social status. We aim to show God’s love and message to everyone.

Effective Communication of the Message

The message of the Gospel and Christ’s reign is the most important news in the world; sharing and living that message is a great honour and responsibility. Without compromising any part of the message, we spread the word to everyone possible. We use whatever method, technology, teaching style, music, or art form that effectively communicates to today’s world.

Love in Action

God calls us to show his generous love to the hurting, the poor, the needy, and those who are not following Him. We believe this is most effectively done when we offer tangible acts of compassion and service, not only words.

Doing Church as A Team

God has given every believer spiritual gifts, abilities, and passions for accomplishing His work in the world. We intentionally look for where people’s spiritual gifts and personal style enable them to contribute to our team, regardless of gender, race, culture, or social status. We are accountable to God not only to use our gifts, but also to exercise them in cooperation with other believers in an attitude of service.

Unity in Diversity

Jesus’ prayer for the Church was that it would be united. While we have a diversity of preferences in worship style, theological traditions, and passions, we are committed to safeguarding unity in our core beliefs, the centrality of Scripture, and cooperating to fulfill our purpose as a church. For this reason, we see our place in Fredericton as a non-denominational church cooperating with other Christian churches in our city.