Above: 40 Days of taking the High Road

This next Wednesday, February 14th to Easter Sunday, April 1st is the Christian season called Lent. During Lent, Christians all over the world are encouraged to go without something for 40 days as a way of seeking God and focusing our attention on deepening our spiritual life. Some Christians fast or go without something in their life for this season.

At SSC we are encouraging you to try something a bit different this year. We are calling it, “ABOVE: 40 Days of Taking the High Road”. During this time, we are encouraging you to focus on “saying no” to negative attitudes and behaviours and replacing them with other more Christlike behaviours.
Here are some examples:

  • Instead of speaking negatively about another person, find good things to say.
  • Instead of gossiping or spreading toxic rumors, speak words that build others up.
  • Instead of complaining be thankful.
  • Instead of trying to get your own way, try being humble, gracious and kind.
  • Instead of “road rage” let others get ahead of you and drive calmly.
  • Instead of being impatient and abrupt, seek to be gentle, patient and polite to others.
  • Seek to speak less and listen more.
  • Seek to get less and give more.
  • Seek to be understood less and to understand others more.

So that is the SSC call to Lent this 2018. This will be the focus of our Sunday sermons starting on Sunday, February 25 to the end of this Lent season.

It’s an invitation to all of us!

Here are some suggested passages for you to find your “saying no” negative attitudes for this Lent season (Note: You can click on the to read the scripture):

Colossians 3:8-16; Galatians 5:19-26; Ephesians 4:29-32

Please feel free as well to do the regular things Christians do during lent like fasting or going without a type of food or activity (i.e. internet), but don’t forget to “take the High Road.”
Let’s all step ABOVE during this Lent season!