2009 Sermons

Why Christmas?

In the message “Why Christmas?”, Pastor Wayne starts off this year’s Christmas series entitled “Stretched By Christmas”.  He talks about why really understanding and embracing why we celebrate Christmas is essential to experiencing the true joy that God intends for us to experience in and through the Christmas message.  (November 29, 2009 – Morning) Download…

Looking For Joy

Pastor Chad looks at joy killers and the conditions in our life where joy can grow.  This concludes the sermon series “The Fruit of the Spirit”.  (November 22, 2009 – Evening) Download mp3

Be Patient And Be Blessed

Patient people are blessed above and beyond those who are hasty and short tempered.  Pastor Wayne continues the series on the Fruit of the Spirit by talking about a very needed Christ-like characteristic called patience.  (November 8, 2009 – Evening) Download mp3

Gentle Strength

Pastor Wayne continues the series on the “Fruit of the Spirit” by talking about goodness and gentleness – two characteristics of a spirit filled life that have great effect on others and show great strength. (November 01, 2009 – Evening) Download mp3