2010 Sermons

Humility: The Greatest Virtue of All?

Is humility the greatest virtue of all?  According to the passage in Philippians 2, one would tend to believe it is.  Why is this so?  Pastor Wayne unpacks what Paul has to say about humility and its relationship to unity in this amazing passage.  (December 19, 2010 – Morning) Download mp3

Prepare The Way

With Christmas coming, Pastor Chad looks at the ministry of John the Baptist to see how we can prepare our hearts to welcome Jesus. (December 05, 2010 – Evening)
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What does it mean to be jaded?  How does disapointment turn into a bitter state of jadedness?  How can we avoid this and how can we escape it?  This is part three of Pastor Wayne’s series on "Handling Disappointment Constructively".  (November 21, 2010 – Morning) Download mp3