2012 Sermons

Missions Report

At this special service, Ben and Meaghan Mead share about their missions work this past spring, and Pastor Wayne concludes with a reflection on rekindling our passion to reach lost people.  (December 9, 2012 – Evening)

O LIttle Town of Bethlehem

Pastor Chad explores the significance of Bethlehem in the Christmas story, and uncovers truths about having faith when things are not adding up. This is part 2 of our “Truth in the Carols” series.  (December 9, 2012 – Morning) Download mp3 Sermon Notes  

Courageous Pursuits

Do not let fear keep you from passionately pursuing God’s purpose for your life. Pastor Wayne talks about how we can move through our insecurities with courage.  (November 11, 2012 – Morning) Download mp3 Sermon Notes  

Courage To Call It

Avoidance is not laziness.  Sometimes it is fear.  Pastor Wayne talks about having the courage to be real about life and the decisions we must make.  (November 4, 2012 – Evening) Download mp3  Sermon Notes