12 Steps Support Group

“For overcoming Life Controlling Issues”

Yesterday’s sins become todays addictions. This 12 Steps Support group is in place to help the anyone deal with the reality that we all can be addicts by nature. Some addictions are very visible such as those caused by alcohol and drugs, but “stinking thinking” is a universal issue and affects most of us in today’s world.

The very first step to Overcome is to admit that you are powerless over that which consumes you. Things that may consume you today, could seem ok to the others, but create deep codependency issues in you.

To find help over any life controlling issue, please join us in a very safe and confidential environment, Monday evenings 6:30-8:00pm. WHO comes to group and WHAT is said in group STAYS in group. For more info contact 12steps@ssc.church


A List of Things that Can Become Life- Controlling Issues from Serenity Bible– A Companion for Twelve Step Recovery Complete with New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs

1.    Alcohol or drugs
2.    Work, achievement, and success
3.    Money addiction, such as overspending, gambling, hoarding
4.    Control addictions, especially if they surface in personal, sexual, family and business relationships
5.    Food addictions
6.    Sexual Addictions
7.    Approval dependency (the need to please people)
8.    Rescuing patterns toward other persons
9.    Dependency on toxic relationships (relationships that are damaging and hurtful)
10.  Physical illness (hypochondria)
11.  Exercise and physical conditioning
12.  Cosmetics, clothes, cosmetic surgery, trying to look good on the outside
13.  Academic pursuits and excessive intellectualizing
14.  Religiosity or religious legalism (preoccupation with the form and the rules and regulations of religion, rather than benefiting from the real spiritual message)
15.  General perfectionism
16.  Cleaning and avoiding contamination and other obsessive-compulsive symptoms
17.  Organizing, structuring (the need always to have everything in its place)
18.  Materialism