Circle Groups

If you are interested in being a part of a group of 8 to 10 others who meet regularly for some fun, prayer, and learning about God together, then a Circle Group is for you. Interested in a Group

We launch new Circles every fall. For information on our Fall Launch click here, or contact Pastor Chad at the office or by email.

When you join a group, we ask that you make an initial 4 session commitment to your group, after which you can decide if the group is a good fit for you.

Community Group FAQ

How big is a community group?

A Circle normally has between 8 and 10 people.

How often do we meet?

A community group usually meet weekly, although a few meet every two weeks.

When and where do groups meet?

Circles can meet at any time that is good for group members; during the evening or daytime. While most groups meet in a consistent location (like the home of a group member), some groups may prefer to take turns meeting in different members’ homes or somewhere else outside of the church.

Are there different kinds of groups?

We have some Circles specifically for men, women and for married couples. Most groups are open to whoever would join.

What happens in a group?

Different groups meet in different locations and enjoy different activities together, but all small groups include these three ingredients: 1) Praying together 2)Learning to Live for Christ and 3) Having Fun. We do these things believing that in the midst of these activities God will help us find community.

How does a group work?

It is pretty simple. At our launch event you find a Group Leader and some people you would like to try to start a group with. You and your group decide when and where you will meet for a meal together. At that meal you get to know each other and decide where you will meet regularly. You will go through an initial study together. If you group continues after that, you will do a study together specifically chosen for your group.

How long does a group stay together?

We ask that you initially commit to being a part of your group for 4 sessions. This gives you a chance to ‘test drive’ the group and see if it is a good fit. At the end of eight sessions, your group gets a chance to decide if it will continue. If it does, we think a group can last for a year, or up to two years before multiplying.

What is this talk about ‘multiplying’?

We believe all groups should have an end date, a time when they divide to allow other people become a part of a Circle. We aim for each group leader to work with a ‘Leader in Training’ in their group. At the end of the group, the leader will take half the current group, and the ‘leader in training’ (after becoming an approved leader) will take the other half of the group. Then they will both add more members to their respective new groups, therefore allowing others to join groups with seasoned leaders.

I still have questions about Circles.

If you still have other questions about Circles, you can send a note to Pastor Chad at or call (506) 458-8206 ext. 25.