Resources for Groups

We have a number of resources for Community Groups to use during their study and discussion. We ask that our groups use materials from this selection, or if they want to use other materials, to let the church leadership know, via Pastor Chad.

Introductory Study

Community: Your Pathway to Progress

This eight-session study is what we recommend all of our groups use when they begin. There is an opportunity to get to know other group members, talk about what it means to be in a community group, and why it is important to pursue relationship with others as a part of following God. The church provides the DVD’s and books to new groups at no cost, as an investment in the life of the group.

Resources for Looking at a Specific Section/Book of the Bible

The Gospel of Matthew

A 12 session study in the gospel of Matthew. You watch a 15-20 minute clip from the movie (whose script is the NIV gospel of Matthew) starring Bruce 
Mariciano and then discuss the passage presented. The curriculum is free (a print out); however if the church DVD is in use, we would ask the group to chip in for another one (approx $18). This study does not require any reading between sessions.

John (new)

A DVD based 8 session study on the gospel of John. You watch a 15-20 minute video that gives background and insights into a section of John’s gospel. You then read a passage from John and discuss the passage with your group. Between sessions a brief verse to read each day is given to think about what the scriptures teach us about Jesus.

The Source (Bible in Community)

These are studies put out by North Point Community Church. They are studies of books of the Bible or characters in the Bible. The 
material is a free PDF we can print at the church. Studies in the Source Series include: Mission (Acts 15-28), Abraham (Genesis 11-26), Galatians, James, Jonah & Nahum, Ruth & Esther.


A three week study of the book of Habakkuk from It is a goodstudy  for exploring issues surrounding when things are going wrong around us, and asking where is 
God in the midst of it. It has a 10 minute video that introduces each session and a 1 page discussion guide for each session. This is also a free curriculum.


There are a few bible studies that work this way. There is a 10-15 minute video consisting of a short movie and devotional that explores a biblical theme, and workbooks that people use to discuss a Bible passage. Workbooks are approx $ 10. Each one of these is 5 weeks long. Studies in the Liquid Series: Crossing (stories from Joshua), Fork in the Road (decisions in the life of David), Mirror Image (parables of Jesus), Money Talks (stewardship using Jesus’ parables & a passage from Paul), The Ten (10 session on the 10 commandments – it comes in two five-session parts).

Resources on Prayer & Spiritual Disciplines

The Circle Maker (new)

By Mark Batterson

A four week study that teach us to pray bold prayers, because bold prayers honour God. Engaging stories teach us to ‘pray circles’ around those things God has set in our hearts.

The Life You’ve Always Wanted

By John Ortberg

A book on Spiritual disciplines. We recommend using the DVD with the discussion questions that are in the back of the book, rather than purchasing the separate study guide. The books are approximately $12, and we have one copy of the DVD available at the church.

Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?

This is a book by Philip Yancey that doesn’t shy away from the tough questions we can ask about prayer: “Why pray?” “What about unanswered prayers and people who are not healed?” “Why do we long to pray?” There is an accompanying 6-session DVD that can go with this book. Leaders can also borrow a study guide with possible questions for discussion. We have the DVD at the church and the book is approximately $15.

Live a Praying Life (no DVD, participants’ workbooks only)

By Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Well presented, yet challenging, 13 week curriculum – 5 days of homework between each meeting.  Lessons are divided across 4 sections: the purpose of prayer, the process of prayer, the promise of prayer, and the practice of prayer.  Engaged in whole-heartedly, this curriculum has the potential to re-energize and revolutionize one’s commitment to living a praying life.

Praying from God’s Heart: experiencing the power of God-focused prayer (no DVD, participants’ workbooks only)

by Brase & Helsabeck This curriculum offers both 9 and 16 week track options.  Lessons help participants learn to pray God’s heart through focus lessons, study of Scriptural prayers, discussion of contemporary prayer contexts and personal situations, praying together, and sharing experiences

Resources on Sharing Our Faith and Relationships

Sacred Marriage (new)

A six session study by Gary Thomas. This study asks the big question, “What God’s purpose in marriage is not to make us happy, but to make us holy?” Exploring this question, Thomas helps us think of marriage as a spiritual discipline that God can use to work in our lives.

Just walk across the Room

A study to encourage us in evangelism in practical ways written by Bill Hybels. It can be done either by studying the book, or by using the DVD & small group study guide. The church owns the DVD already if a group wants to use it, study guides and book are approximately $14 each, although you only need one for each group member.

General Resources on Spiritual Life

You’ve Got Style (new)

A 4 session study by Andy Stanley & Sean Seay. A four week study that helps us explore how our personal styles and personalities may shape how we approach God meaningfully.

Crazy Love (new)

A ten session study by Francis Chan. Crazy Love helps you to embrace God’s intense renlentless love and see how it transforms every aspect of our being. This is a thought provoking book that will make you grapple with hard questions about the love of God and how much it should change the way you live.

The Best Question Ever

How could we live a life with less regret? Andy Stanley looks to Ephesians 5 to find a question that gives us perspective when making life’s decisions. He practically explores finding wisdom in our finances, time, morality, relationships and trusting God. Available in this study are a book, discussion guide and DVD. The discussion guide and DVD are designed for a 6 week study and examine most of what is found in the book (it doesn’t look at finances specifically). This study doesn’t require homework, and can be done just with the DVD and guide, or with the book as well.

Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit

A book written by Francis Chan, challenging us to rethink not just our understanding of the Holy Spirit, but how much we rely on the Spirit’s leading in our everyday lives. There are a couple ways to do this 7-week study: you could use just the discussion guide and accompanying DVD if your group would be good with doing some homework, or just read the book with the DVD and use the discussion guide as a leader for possible questions. (I really have found this to be a great & challenging book. – Pastor Chad)

If You Want to Walk on Water You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat

A book with a really long title from John Ortberg.  (Review coming soon.)

The Power of a Whisper

How do we hear the voice of God? Bill Hybels looks at this question by talking about hearing the Holy Spirit’s whispers in our lives. (Curriculum is being shipped now, more info coming soon.)

The Purpose Driven Life

A best-seller by Rick Warren that looks at five of the foundational purposes of life. It is intended to be read over 40 days, with one short reading for each day. Accompanying Small Group materials can be purchased.

The Prodigal God

By Timothy Keller

A book Verner highly recommends. It is a study of the famous parable known commonly as ‘The Prodigal Son’ in Luke 15, with personal application. The book can be purchased, or there is a 6 week discussion guide that can be used.
Twisting the Truth – a 5-week, DVD based study by Andy Stanley that looks at the enemy’s number one tactic in the world, twisting the truth to get us way off track with God. It begins by discussing the very existence of Spiritual evil, and talks about deception from there. Discussion guides cost around $10 per person. We have some DVD’s available at the church.