Sermons ESL

This class uses sermons from our church as English lessons.  A sermon is a talk on a religious or moral subject, given during a church service and based on a passage from the Bible.

Each week, the lessons will help you listen to, and understand English.

You will hear native Canadians speak as they deliver these sermons. You will learn lessons that the sermons teach as well as lots of English grammar, reading, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, and really getting to understand how English is spoken right here in Fredericton.

In this class you will be working in groups, doing activities, and having fun as we enjoy a very social and friendly atmosphere.

Nobody will pressure you into anything. This is a safe place where you can be of any faith – or no faith – and still be very welcome!

The instructor is an experienced and certified English language teacher who’s favourite thing is teaching you. 🙂