Bible Verses ESL

The Bible Verses ESL class is for adults who are learning English at an intermediate level. Our ESL course will give you the opportunity to listen to as well as practice speak about the English topics found in each lesson. This course focuses on key Bible verses and you will learn how they relate to Canadian culture. You will also learn grammar through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Any adult can join our Bible Verses ESL course. It focuses on the Christian faith, but you do not have to be a Christian to attend. You do not have to go to a church. There will be no pressure to change what you believe, but you will learn some important Christian Bible verses.

Some English lessons include how to tell a story, some listening and dictation work, rhyming sounds, and about how to use some English conjunctions..

This ESL is provided at no cost. All material is presented by a trained English teacher. This is an opportunity to meet other people in the community, learn about local culture and be introduced to some Bible verses that are important to the Christian faith.