Baby D

Baby D is an intentional first step we make as a church to partner with parents in the spiritual growth of their children. At a ‘Baby D’ event parents express their commitment to raise their child to love Jesus, and we as family and a church come around to pray and offer our support to them.

What Happens on a ‘Baby D’ Day?
During the morning service downstairs, we have a special prayer and presentation for the participating parents and babies in front of the adult service. Then parents invite significant family and friends committed to investing in the life of their child to stay for a special meal together. At the meal there is a short presentation, then the Pastors, Elders and committed family and friends to come together and pray over each child. There is also an opportunity for pictures.

How can I be part of a ‘Baby D’?
To participate in Baby D, we ask you to do these things:

  1. Take a few minutes to watch these two videos and do the exercise that goes with each one.
    Video 1 – Imagine the End
    Exercise 1: After watching the video, choose three to five words that describe who you hope your son or daughter will be 18 years from now.
    Video 2 – Widen the Circle
    Exercise 2: After watching the video, decide who you want to invite to be a part of Baby D and invite them.
  2. Once you’ve watched the videos and done the exercises, register for an SSC Parent Orientation by emailing At the orientation, we review what happens at Baby D, how we partner with parents and give you a Baby D registration form.
  3. After attending a Parent Orientation, you can submit your registration form and you are ready to go.

Baby D Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to participate in Baby D? It is free. As a church, we cover the costs of the meal, the printed invitations for your guests.