The Road Ahead

In September 2017, we celebrated what happened in the decade since we set out our 10-Year Vision. Now we are in a season of looking ahead, beyond 2017 to find our direction for the coming season in the life of our church.

As we look to the Lord for The Road Ahead, here is what we are projecting as a plan in the coming weeks.

We are asking everyone in our church to pray for our direction in the coming months. Seeking direction will be a special prayer focus throughout our church in this time. We want to hear what God is saying, and not just fall in love with a clever idea.

The Listening Phase
If you are a volunteer or a leader in our church, we are going to be specifically reaching out to you and the teams you work with to listen to your prayerful thoughts about our future as a church. If you are a member or part of our church family, you are a key part of the process as well.

We are having a number of prayer and discussion meetings. These group settings are places where you can discuss where we are going as a church. Our final consultation is:

  • Sunday, January 7, 6:30 PM at the church. No need to register, please feel free to come.

On our discussion nights we are going to focus our discussion around these 5 questions:

  • What should Smythe Street Cathedral look like in 5-7 years? If everything God desired for us happened, what do you imagine it looking like?
  • What are some changes you have seen our church make in your time at Smythe Street Cathedral?
  • What are some changes you see our church needing to make in the coming season?
  • What opportunities could our church take advantage of in the coming years?
  • What are some challenges or obstacles that our church faces in this season?

If you would like to present your responses to these questions online, you can submit them using our online form at

The Discernment Phase (January – February 2018)
Out of the listening phase, we will create smaller teams from the Elders, Staff, leadership and membership who will prayerfully work together to discern from what we have heard what where see God leading us to go.

Laying Out the Map
It is our hope to share what we have discerned together in the end of February 2018.