Paths of Life

This year as we begin our journey towards Easter, each week we will be sharing practices and resources to help you as part of our series, Paths of Life.

Lent and Fasting

Lent is a traditional season of fasting and prayer leading up to Easter.Fasting is about humbling ourselves before God, demonstrating our dependence upon him alone, our
desire to please him above even our appetite for food. We encourage everyone to consider taking some time to fast and give extra attention to their relationship with God coming up to Easter.

Different types of fasting:

  • Food – has looked different over the ages, choosing to reduce number of meals in a day, abstaining from meat, abstaining from a type of food (e.g. sweets)
    • Key is to remember that the point is not to have a diet / weight loss plan. It is about reorienting our desires to aim towards God.
  • Other Activity
    • Giving up media: YouTube, Television, Radio
    • Going off of Social Media for Lent

The goal is not saying “NO”, to something, it is about using the no to say “YES” to God. That’s why fasting and prayer go together. As we fast, we use our desires to remind us to turn to God in prayer.


Sermon Notes from the message: “Paths of Life” on February 24, 2019

Youtube Interview: Pastor Verner Drost interviews The Very Reverend Jeffery Hall at Christ Church Cathedral about the meaning of Ash Wednesday and Lent.

The Jesus Prayer

The Jesus prayer is a simple prayer we can learn and use throughout our week to remind ourselves of who Jesus is, and our need of his grace.


How full is too much? Pastor Heidi talks about the importance of creating margin in our lives to have room to experience awe at God’s holiness.

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is a method of prayerfully hearing God’s voice through the reading of Scripture. Pastor Verner shared on Sunday, March 17 some instructions about the practice,  click here for his notes.
You can also learn about this in a sermon he preached called, His Grace for My Mistakes.
Click here to find sermon audio and sermon notes.
This week we are encouraging you to try out Lectio Divina using the passage John 3:13-15.


Serving is one of the ways that we grow into what God has for us. Pastor Wayne spoke on the serving on March 31. Click here to find sermon audio and sermon notes.

We are encouraging you to pursue serving. Click below to watch the video by Jill Kozak with steps to take this week.