I Belong

Belonging is so important. We all need a place to know we belong. Often, we feel belonging is earned or attained… but what if Jesus offers a different kind of belonging? What if belonging comes simply by encountering Him?

Dandelion Dominance

Guest speaker Cal Ellerby talks about how God has a plan through which we can make a difference in spreading his gospel and changing our world.

Show Me What Love Is

Pastor Wayne talks about the need and the power of unconditional, intentional and Christ-like love for those in need, and why it matters greatly.


Have you heard of the Feast of Booths? Pastor Chad explores this Jewish celebration and uncovers how Jesus uses it to teach us about himself and our calling to the world.

Circle Up!

Hebrews 10:24-25 asks us to think about how we can encourage and motivate each other. Pastor Chad unpacks the passage considering the challenges we face in building deep relationships and the opportunities Circle groups can create.