The Relational Mentor

Pastor Wayne talks about the power of having a mentor in your life. Someone who will share themselves with you with the aim of growing into maturity as a follower of Jesus.

Who Are You Going With?

When trying to follow God, the who you do life with can be as influential as the direction you want to go. Pastor Chad looks at two key passages from the Bible that demonstrate the importance of friends in our walk with God.

Where Are You Going?

If God wants the best for our lives, how do we find ourselves ending up at what looks like much less than his ideal? Pastor Chad starts a two-week series, looking at counsel from Moses on how we can find God’s way to a better life.

Is There Room for Men?

What is the significance of being a man in our modern world? Looking in the book of Ephesians, Pastor Chad unpacks what marks real manhood as we continue our series “All In The Family”.

No One Sits Alone

In a culture where increasing numbers of adults are unmarried, how should the church respond? Pastor Chad looks at God’s value of singles and what the Bible can say about the opportunities and challenges different singles face.