What Hinders Koinonia

Closing our 2018 Women’s Conference, Pastor Heidi Billington speaks on the things that can cause us not to have real fellowship with God and each other.

Running Our Race

At the end of our week or at the end of our lives, we want to say we ran our race well. Pastor Chad looks at a passage in Hebrews with 3 keys to following Jesus freely.

You Are Not Alone

Pastor Wayne talks about the importance the role of good friends.  Keeping us from the dangers of isolation are among some of the greatest roles of a true friend.

God of the Lonely

What if God’s justice is not just economic and material but also relational? Pastor Chad looks at specific ways that we as a church can help address homelessness, and those who are vulnerable in our city, and how they connect to God’s desire for relationship.

God’s Health Insurance Plan

Pastor Drost tells us what it means to consider the poor. **  Please note that due to technical difficulties, there is no podcast available for this sermon.