Even when in the church, there are times that we can get off track for what God hopes for us. Pastor Chad Billington looks at Jesus’ words to see how God invites us to restart personally and embark on paths that lead us to God’s best.

Someone is Chasing you!

Too often, voices from the past chase us, pursuing our daily actions as if someone were stalking us. Pastor Drost looks at someone else that is chasing us. Being aware of who pursues us is life-changing.

Trials in the Wilderness

In looking at Jesus temptations in the wilderness, Pastor Chad shares that sometimes the biggest temptations are not about what you do, but questioning who God says you are.


What is it that makes the story of the Adulterous Woman so powerful? Even at a quick read, it has so much to say about grace and Who Jesus is. Every story has layers, though, and sometimes we miss some of the amazing things. When we look at the layers of this story, it gets…