There’s a Place for Grace

Do you find yourself fighting the practically perfect, Pinterest parenting ideal? You’re not alone. Parenting is hard and admitting it can be even harder.  Heidi Billington helps us see what the Bible says about parenting.  Find grace in the middle of your parenting and the everyday natural rhythms of your day to day life.

And Just Before I Go…

Pastor Wayne takes a look at the great commission – the final instructions He gave his followers before He ascended to heaven.   What application do these words have for us today?

Doubting Thomas

What if the story of Doubting Thomas really isn’t about doubt? Jonathan DesRoches and Jeremy Kitchen give us questions and tools to see the meaning behind a Bible passage. They then use those tools to uncover the heart of this famous encounter with Jesus.

On the Emmaus Road

Pastor Wayne looks at the post-resurrection appearance of Jesus to the two discouraged disciples on the Emmaus Road and extracts the timeless principles of truth that make the story so encouraging and inspiring. Hand Out

I’ve Seen the Lord

Pastor Chad opens our new series using Mary’s encounter with Jesus at the tomb. We look at how to picture ourselves in a biblical story to see what God might speak to us.