What Does Jesus Say About Posing?

We can all struggle with seeking the others’ approval. In this message, Pastor Chad looks at Jesus’ instructions to break the bondage of approval addiction, beginning our new series, “What Does Jesus Say About _________?”

OUR STORY: 2007-2017

With grateful hearts Pastor Drost looks back on our 10-Year story at Smythe Street Cathedral and how we hope to go forward toward our God given future.


Pastor Wayne talks about the keeping of the second part of the great command Jesus gave to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Be Wise!

Pastor Drost tells us how important it is to use wisdom when relating to those who are not followers of Jesus.

Never Swim Alone

Description: In Matthew 5, Jesus tells his followers that they are ‘a city on a hill.’ Pastor Chad discusses this passage and how we are called to work together, showing Jesus’ light to the world around us.  (August 27, 2017 – Morning)

Living for Jesus in a Secular World

Description: “As Christians we live beside neighbours that have different beliefs, moral standards and live by different ideologies. Pastor Drost tells us why this presents us with some of the great opportunities to shine for Jesus in very secular World.” (August 20, 2017 – Morning)

Mountain Top Moments

Pastor Ryan Delblanc speaks on the importance of having Mountain Top experiences with God, but we must also at some point come down and engage the world around us and share Jesus (August 13, 2017 – Morning)

Courage to swim against the tide

Description: “Based on the sermon of the Mount by Jesus, Pastor Drost tells us how Jesus invites us to a counterculture journey, often totally opposed to the secular tide. ” (August 6, 2017 – Morning)