What is it that makes the story of the Adulterous Woman so powerful? Even at a quick read, it has so much to say about grace and Who Jesus is. Every story has layers, though, and sometimes we miss some of the amazing things. When we look at the layers of this story, it gets…

The Love that Gives and Receives

Pastor Chad concludes our series, ‘The Three Loves’ reading Jesus’ new command to ‘love one another’ from John 13. We see how it completes the other two loves and is a true mark of being a follower of Jesus.  

The Signs of Christian Maturity

What is the “the bottom line” of Jesus’ teaching? Pastor Verner continues our series, ‘The Three Loves’ by looking at the fundamental principle which tells us how God wants Christians to treat everyone in the world. Living by this one liner statement is essential if you want to be a mature follower of Jesus Christ.…

Love the LORD Requires

What is the bottom line of Jesus’ teaching. Pastor Chad starts our series, ‘The Three Loves’ by looking at the foundational importance of loving the Lord our God.

He Restores My Soul

These famous words form Psalm 23 point us to a way of life that stands in contrast to feelings of burnout and depletion. Pastor Wayne looks at how God invites us to a passionate and full life.

Donut Be a Tool

What do we do when we bump into our own sin and brokenness? Do we try to fix ourselves? Pastor Verner looks at sin’s effects and why we need outside help in his Father’s Day message, ’Donut Be a Tool.’