To Be Used By God

Pastor Wayne talks about the difference between being “used” by people and being “used” by God.  To be used by God is the most rewarding thing we could ever do on this earth.  (November 16, 2014 – Morning)

Protecting a Plundered Heart

We can feel defenceless against the hectic pace of life. Pastor Chad looks at Proverbs 25:28 and the story of Nehemiah for guidance to rebuild peace and order in our lives.  (November 2, 2014 – Morning)

What Impresses God?

Pastor Wayne talks about the religious credentials of Paul that ended up in the trash heap when it came to knowing Jesus.  (October 26, 2014 – Evening)

No Time For God

As technology and life squeeze our time away from spiritual things, Pastor Drost reminds us of the importance of spending time with God.  (October 19, 2014 – Morning)

Baptizing The Pharisees

Pastor Chad explores the encounter between John the Baptist and the religious leaders in Matthew 3, to learn how the religious leaders’ challenges can be our own.  (October 12, 2014 – Evening)