Courage in the Storm

Pastor Wayne takes us into the wonderful allegory found in Acts 27 – the story of Paul’s journey to Rome.  We learn that we can survive the storm when we are in God’s will.

Naked and Not Ashamed

Pastor Chad looks at how the 4 references to nudity in Genesis 2-3 are not trivial but teach us about how our relationships with God and others should be and what our actions can do to them.

Does Genesis 1 Really Matter?

Genesis 1 is the first chapter of the Bible and while beautiful is controversial to many? Pastor Chad tries to look past to the controversy to see how we can learn valuable lessons from its original context.

Shine Brighter

What does the word “holiness” mean in the Bible? Pastor Drost answers this and how being holy is about being a light to our world.

Enduring Hardship

Using his recent personal experiences, Rev. Kenn Parker talks about the spiritual battle we are in and why we need to be determined to never quit or give up.