The Pursuit of Holiness

Pastor Wayne talks about the holiness of God and why it gives us hope and life.  The message seeks to answer the question “How does God’s holiness play out in our daily lives?”

Paths of Life

Pastor Drost introduces the ancient practice of lent and Pastor Chad explains fasting.

Goal!!!! Take Hold of the Prize

Everyone likes to feel like they are meeting their life goals;  Paul encourages us to run the race of  life with our spiritual goals in mind.  Pastor Heidi looks at Philippians III and two elements of our purpose reminding us to keep them in focus in our day to day lives.

Forgetting What Lies Behind

Pastor Wayne talks about the key component needed to move ahead with our lives.  The ability to lay things from our past down is a must if we are to embrace God’s future for us.

Are We There Yet?

In a world where we try to impress others and look picture perfect, there is freedom in saying we are not all put together. Pastor Chad looks at how humility opens us to grace and to be teachable from Philippians III.

God Through Us

Continuing our Christmas series, Pastor Chad looks at 2 Corinthians 5, to see how God not only wants to live in us, but work through us.