God of the Lonely

What if God’s justice is not just economic and material but also relational? Pastor Chad looks at specific ways that we as a church can help address homelessness, and those who are vulnerable in our city, and how they connect to God’s desire for relationship.

God’s Health Insurance Plan

Pastor Drost tells us what it means to consider the poor. **  Please note that due to technical difficulties, there is no podcast available for this sermon.  

Defender of the Weak

Description:  Pastor Wayne Flowers states that the heart of God is to defend the weak and the vulnerable.  Why is there a call on our church to do works of justice and compassion in our city?  He also addresses the question, “What is the Biblical basis for this kind of ministry?”  (September 23, 2018 –…

I Will Build My Church

Description:  Guest Speaker, Rev. Kenn Parker walks us through the words of Jesus in Matthew 16:13-18, revealing God’s plan for his people, his church. (September 16, 2018 – Morning)

Saint + Sinner

Pastor Chad looks at how a difficult incident from the life of David gave him perspective on a difficult question he was facing.


We often feel like we never seem to have enough faith. When do we have enough? How do we get more? Pastor Drost looks at what Jesus has to say about this subject.