Matthew 25 Challenge

In Matthew 25 Jesus shows us that our faith is evidenced in how we care for the poor and broken in our world. How do we embrace the challenge and life Jesus presents to us? We look at this with guest speaker Mark Miller, from World Vision Canada. Click Here or text “FREDDYLINK” to 807-787-4625…

What’s in Your Hand?

3 people, 3 stories, 3 objects with one basic question from God. Pastor Chad looks at the question God addresses to those who are overwhelmed,  “What’s in Your Hand?”

The Joy of Serving

Pastor Wayne talks about why the world moves ahead on the backs of servants and Jill Kozak shares a practical take away based on the story of the good Samaritan.

Life in Death

How does a faith that centres around Jesus’ death connect to a fuller life? Why did Jesus have to die? Pastor Chad reflects on these questions and others, continuing our series, Paths of Life. Pastor Verner also talks about hearing God’s voice in the practice, Lectio Divina  

The Pursuit of Holiness

Pastor Wayne talks about the holiness of God and why it gives us hope and life.  The message seeks to answer the question “How does God’s holiness play out in our daily lives?”