Life Apps for Christmas: Humility

What image comes to mind when you hear the word “humility”?  What does a humble person look like? Pastor Drost looks at this very important word in scripture and why this will unlock the Grace and favour of God on all areas of your life.  (December 21, 2014 – Morning)

Life Apps for Christmas: Courage

We admire courageous people in real life and in fiction. Pastor Chad explores why courage fascinates us, and the ground for courage as a follower of Jesus, beginning from the story of Joseph in Matthew 1.  (December 14, 2014 – Morning)

Questioning God

In Luke 1, we read that both Mary and Zechariah had questions about what God was going to do in each of their lives. Pastor Chad starts from their experience to study what Scripture can teach us about approaching God with our questions.  (December 7, 2014 – Evening)

Life Apps for Christmas: Obedience

Pastor Wayne talks about obedience, as portrayed in the life of Mary and other Christmas characters.  Obedience is so much more that grudging compliance to a set of rules.  It is best described as surrender to God’s greater purpose for our lives.  (December 7, 2014 – Morning)

Life Apps for Christmas: Faithfulness

We start our Advent series, “Life Apps for Christmas,” by looking at faithfulness. Starting from the lives of Zechariah and Elizabeth, Pastor Chad explores how our faithfulness grows out of the unfailing faithfulness of God.  (November 30, 2014 – Morning)

Good News About THE END

Looking at a few passages in Revelation, Pastor Chad reminds us that a key part of the good news is that there is an end to this age and that discussion of THE END should be seen with hope.  (November 23, 3014 – Evening)

Back to Basics

Hebrews 13:9-16 addresses believers who were considering abandoning their faith for their former beliefs.  Pastor Chad looks at how their struggle speaks to our struggles to trust and follow Jesus today.    (November 16, 2014 – Evening)

To Be Used By God

Pastor Wayne talks about the difference between being “used” by people and being “used” by God.  To be used by God is the most rewarding thing we could ever do on this earth.  (November 16, 2014 – Morning)