Pastor Drost reminds us of the importance of sharing Jesus with those around us.  (August 17, 2014 – Morning)

Are You a Peacemaker?

Pastor Wayne talks about the crucial role of a peacemaker.  He includes a true story of how the proper handling of conflict became a powerful witness for Christ.  (August 3, 2014 – Evening)

What’s Bothering You?

Pastor Wayne talks about the agitations that can be hidden deep in our heart.  These “stirrings” can be used by God to show us what He is speaking to us about.  (July 27, 2014 – Evening)

Wheat and the Weeds

In Luke 13 Jesus addresses a question that has bothered people throughout the ages, “Why does God continue to allow evil people in this world?” Pastor Chad looks at the parable of the “Weeds in the Wheat” to learn why, and how we can respond.  (July 20, 2014 – Evening)

Choosing the Best

When facing decisions do we look for what is permissible, what is okay, or do we ask, “What is wise?”  Pastor Chad talks about how wisdom is choosing God’s best, and why we should make the wise choice.  (July 20, 2014 – Morning)

Continuing the Race

It is in the mid point of a journey that we can face discouragement. Pastor Chad looks at Paul’s words in 2 Timothy for ways to continue with strength in our Christian walk. (July 13, 2014 – Evening)