Just a Lunch

Sometimes we don’t have what we need to confront our problems or embrace big opportunities. Pastor Chad looks at John 6 asking if our inadequacies are actually the door to see God do something great.  (September 28, 2014 – Evening)

Trying To Measure Up

Pastor Wayne talks about the unrelenting pressure to live up to certain expectations.  These come from various sources and can be draining.  What Does God have to say about what He is expecting?  (September 28, 2014 – Morning)

Religious Freedom

Pastor Drost speaks on why Freedom of Religion matters and why Christians should not violate their convictions when voting.  (September 21, 2014 – Morning)

Walking Through a Door Called “HURT”

We all at times hurt and get hurt.  Pastor Drost teaches on how we can walk through a hurt and come out as gold. If you have any questions about this message please feel free to contact him at either (506) 458-8206, Ext. 22 or verner@ssc.church.

God’s Relentless Pursuit

Pastor Wayne wraps up the August series “Go Into All the World” by talking about God’s loving and relentless pursuit of those he loves.  This was seen in the ministry of Jesus.  He was constantly pursuing those outside the “fold.”  We are called to do the same.  (August 31, 2014 – Morning)

Linked In

Pastor Chad discusses the importance of our church having a culture of invitation after seeing Jesus’ example in calling people to follow him.  (August 24, 2014 – Morning)