The Story

God has a story, and he wants us to be part of it.

On Sunday nights at 6 PM we are experiencing The Story. It is a 31 part series that will walk us all through The Story of the Bible. We covered the Old Testament in the Winter and Spring, and this fall we are going to be covering the New Testament.
Starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation, we will journey through different parts of the Bible to see how they fit together. We can learn about the people, places and stories of the Bible in a way that helps us to see the big picture of what God is doing in the world, and what he wants to do in us.

Each week there are portions from the Bible you can read as we cover the whole story of the Bible. We will have handouts outlining the excerpts for the week, or you can purchase a copy of ‘The Story’, a 31-chapter collection of readings that follow along with the series. If possible we recommend you purchase a copy of ‘The Story’ as it will make following the reading easier (see links below).

If you have a question while you’re reading feel free to send it along to, maybe we can answer as part of our message.

If you’ve struggled to understand how the Bible works together, or want to dig deeper, plan on joining us for The Story, Sunday nights at 6 PM.

Where to Buy The Story

It can be ordered:
The Lighthouse Christian Bookstore, ( is US company priced in US dollars).

There is also a large-print version, at

Amazon Kindle