Good and Beautiful Courses

Good and Beautiful Courses

note: we are meeting online only this week
Sunday, May 16

Due to one of our Good and Beautiful Community team being told to avoid contact with others after a potential COVID exposure, we are having the course online only this Sunday. We will be back next week.

The Good and Beautiful Community
Sunday nights at 6:30 PM


We are studying the book, The Good and Beautiful Community on Sunday nights. This book looks at how we are to live in relationship with others as the apprentices of Jesus.

The study goes until the first week of June on Sunday nights and will be available in person and online.

We welcome people in person and  live stream every Sunday night at 6:30 PM. To watch the live stream, visit, it will also be on our Facebook page.

To watch previous weeks, see our class playlists:
Full length videos playlist (click here)
Edits shortened for Circles / Small Group videos (click here)

We are not producing discussion guides for this book, as all discussion questions can be found in the appendix at the end of the book.

Do I need to register to Attend in Person?

No, if you want to attend in person, you do not need to register. Show up at the door and we will gather any information we need for Public Health contact tracing guidelines.

We are live streaming on the church Facebook and YouTube pages so you can watch with us, or later on. On Mondays we also make available a shorter version of the week’s session, suitable for using in Circle / Small Group study.

You can also sign up to receive email updates with links each week, with the links to the course materials.

Where do I get the book?

We still have a few copies on order as our first batch of books sold out quickly. Please contact the office to hold one of the copies.

To be ready for the first session you should read chapter 1 and try the spiritual practice at the end of the chapter. Download a copy of chapter 1 by clicking here.

You can also order the book at a local retailer and support local business; The Lighthouse Christian Bookstore in Fredericton has ordered a number of copies in.  If they are out there you can also order copies online (, Chapters).

The Good and Beautiful Life
Links & Resources

This winter we studied the second book in the series, The Good and Beautiful Life, which focuses on how we live our lives in light of Jesus’ teaching in the sermon on the mount.

Here are links to the resources we have for that course:

The Good and BEautiful GOD

We studied  The Good and Beautiful God last fall. It focuses on how our narratives about God shape everything, and reshapes our thinking about God to reflect what Jesus teaches. If you want to find the materials for that course, the links are below.

Good And Beautiful GOD
Video and Discussion Resources

Good and Beautiful God videos edited for Circles / Small Groups click here.

Good and Beautiful God full length videos click here.

Good and Beautiful God weekly discussion handouts click here.


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you!


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