Kids In-Person

Kids In-Person

We are excited to open the doors to minister to some of our children during Sunday morning services at 10 AM. In addition to our monthly Fam Jam service, Kids In-Person Sundays are chances for children of the same age to meet in a Kid specific environment for worship, learning, discussion and connection with their group leaders.

Children will meet in the big room upstairs and will be expected to maintain social distancing from each other. Each week will only be available to certain elementary school grades so we can follow public health guidelines with our space.

We will want to welcome you before service starts, so please come a little early.

Note: Any other family members attending service should sign-up for Church In-Person for that Sunday.

How can I sign up my child for kids in-person?

We have limited space upstairs so signing up ahead is strongly recommended. Look at the dates available for each grade below and then register by one of these two methods.

  1. Send an email to or call (506) 458-8206 ext. 0
  2. Online Check-In – if you have login (or would like to sign up for one) for our church In Fellowshipcheck-in system, just click on a graphic for a date (below) and sign-up. If you need help getting an In Fellowship login, just contact our office.


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you!


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