Reading Scripture Together

Reading Scripture Together

Throughout the year we share a set of Bible passages that we can read and study together as a church family. We are currently  reading from The Book of Psalms through the summer.

The book of Psalms has been used throughout the centuries to help believers learn about prayer and worship. There are psalms that are hopeful, that tell the history of God’s work with his people, psalms of confession, psalms of praise & worship, and psalms of lament that honestly express pain and grief to God.

In our reading plan, we organized samples of the Psalms by their different types. The various expressions found in the Psalms can help us learn the depth of expressions we can make to God in worship and prayer.

Click here to download these readings or pick up a copy at the church.  We’re encouraging everyone to find a reading partner; someone you can call or text regularly to journey through the book.

If you want to discuss or comment on a passage you have read, we also have a Facebook discussion group. We would love to have you share your questions and thoughts there.

Here’s a basic outline on how to do a spiritual reading (Lectio Divina) of Scripture:

  • 2 minutes of silence
  • Read slowly
  • Focus on where the Holy Spirit is drawing your attention
  • Write down your thoughts, questions and what God speaks to you.
  • Pray / reflect in silence

We produced a video on how to read for our Gospel of Mark plan in the fall of 2021. It gives some tips and thoughts on reading the Bible and listening for God’s voice. Check it out below.


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