Reading Scripture Together

Reading Scripture Together


This fall we are reading the Gospel of John together as a church.

John’s gospel was noted in the early centuries of the church for its’ emphasis on theology. John 1’s opening lines have been pivotal to knowing how the early church understood Jesus to be more than just a man.

John also tells stories and events often not mentioned Matthew, Mark, and Luke, like the wedding in Cana, the raising of Lazarus, and Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. Let’s trust God to help us grow in our faith and know true life as we encounter Jesus in this gospel together.

In this reading plan, we have passages for each day, Monday through Saturday. Take time to prayerfully read the passage each day and prayerfully spend time reflecting on what you have read.

Click here to download the John reading plan.

If you want to discuss or comment on a passage you have read, we also have a Facebook discussion group. We would love to have you share your questions and thoughts there.

Here’s a basic outline on how to do a spiritual reading (Lectio Divina) of Scripture:

  • 2 minutes of silence
  • Read slowly
  • Focus on where the Holy Spirit is drawing your attention
  • Write down your thoughts, questions and what God speaks to you.
  • Pray / reflect in silence

If you read a passage that you are struggling to understand, reading other translations or paraphrases can help. Some can be found at

We produced a video on how to read for a Gospel of Mark we did before. It gives some tips and thoughts on reading the Bible and listening for God’s voice. Check it out below.


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